Kaip išsirinkti kosmetikos produktą?

How to choose a cosmetic product?

Our team is often faced with the question: what to pay attention to when choosing a cosmetic product?

As cosmetics manufacturers, we sometimes do not even notice that we recognize the complex chemical names of substances by their first letters. There really isn't one golden rule to understanding more about a product, as it can sometimes be difficult even for an experienced chemist!

First of all, pay attention to the composition of the product. Analyzing the label of a cosmetic product is important in order to understand what ingredients (they are listed in the INCI list) are in the product, how it works and in what ways it can affect you, the consumer. In addition to the INCI list, you can find important information about the product, its safety, instructions for use and storage conditions on the label.

Note that in the list of ingredients, or INCI, all ingredients are listed in descending order of concentration . Which means that the concentration of the very first ingredient is the highest. It is also worth knowing that you can find descriptions of complex ingredients in the INCI list on this official page: https://cosmileeurope.eu/lt/home/ .

Pay attention to how the product should be used , how often and at what time of day. If you are not sure how the product should be used, you can always contact the manufacturer or distributor directly, who will provide you with all the information you need.

In addition to analyzing the ingredients and following the instructions for use, a common mistake made by consumers is using the product after the expiration date. The shelf life of a product refers to how long the product is good for use from the moment it is opened. You can find various markings on the product packaging, but the most common is the icon symbolizing an open cosmetic jar with the markings "6M", "12M", etc. Be aware that every cosmetic manufacturer conducts research that shows how long their product can remain unchanged and free from microbial contamination , so it is necessary to discard the product after its expiration date.

Also, check the label for important warnings , such as: in case of contact with eyes or mucous membranes, rinse with plenty of water or do not inhale as it irritates the respiratory tract. Also, if it's important to you to know where the product you're using is made or from, we recommend checking its country of origin .

Well, for our team, one of the more important factors is ecology . If you are also interested in buying only organic or environmentally friendly products, look for certificates or labeling on the product packaging or on the manufacturer's website that prove that the product is biodegradable (or biodegradable), vegan, or others that demonstrate the product's environmental friendliness and sustainability.