Sustainability is a value that creates added value

Sustainable cosmetics are skin care products characterized by their environmentally and human-friendly composition and packaging. Cosmetics sustainability during production is considered important for many consumers and is also our aspiration. We strive to produce environmentally and user-friendly cosmetics by researching harmless ingredients and assessing their origin carefully. The rapid development of the sustainable cosmetics market inevitably creates new trends that encourage people to choose only environmentally friendly cosmetics. Our focus on sustainability creates added value for the cosmetics industry.

We prioritize sustainable ingredients that work perfectly together and are gentle on the planet to produce our cosmetics. Sustainable cosmetic production is our priority, and we accomplish this through deliberate ingredient selection and minimizing the consumption of water, CO2 release, and harmful substance emissions.

Sustainable, beneficial, but not necessarily natural

Our commitment to sustainable cosmetics production involves assessing different extraction methods to select the most environmentally friendly one. Sustainably produced products can contain synthetic ingredients, alongside natural ones. Biotechnologies make it possible to create active substances in the laboratory, which have identical properties to those naturally created by nature. HA is an excellent illustration. Both lab-made and naturally derived hyaluronic acid have comparable effectiveness. Although natural ingredients are generally safe, some can cause allergic or inflammatory skin reactions.

Natural cosmetics?

The composition of natural cosmetics usually involves oleochemical substances made from vegetable oils, animal fats, and bacteria. To break down natural triglycerides into crude glycerin and crude fatty acid mixtures, the manufacturing process requires water, proper temperature, and pressure through hydrolysis. Lack of stringent regulation in defining natural poses a significant challenge to the production of natural cosmetics. The lack of strict regulation around natural labeling means that cosmetics with just 1% natural substances and an indicated concentration can still be considered natural.

Problems that have to be solved

To reveal the problem of pollution caused by cosmetic products made with toxic petroleum compounds and plastic, we prioritize sustainability in our production process. By choosing sustainable cosmetic products, we contribute to a clean environment, enhance our well-being, and promote lasting beauty.

At Moon Cosmetics, we are committed to sustainable production and use certified natural ingredients in our products. We also incorporate laboratory-extracted substances that have a significantly lower impact on nature.