Content creator for Moon/Cosmetics marketing department

Nature of work:
1. Create social media content.
2. You will take care of texts for advertising Facebook / Instagram and (or) Google campaigns.
3. Create converting newsletter campaigns.
4. Contribute to influencer campaigns.

Apply if:
1. Has at least 1 year of work experience in the field of marketing;
2. Has experience in creating content for social networks;
3. You understand how important communication is and do not shy away from taking the initiative to turn creative ideas into reality;
4. You are detail-oriented, organized and able to plan your time perfectly;
5. Advantage: has experience working with email marketing;
6. Advantage: has experience in working with paid advertising texts;
7. Advantage: has experience in implementing influencer campaigns.

We are waiting for your CV and a short MOTIVATION LETTER .

The company offers:
1. Long-term career prospects. Since we are a young and particularly fast-growing company and have many ambitious ideas, the team is growing rapidly, and the core of the team is still being formed. This gives you the chance not only to learn quickly, to gain a lot of experience, but also to quickly move up the career ladder, to form your own team.
2. Flexible work schedule.
3. A team where you will feel safe, supportive and help you grow and develop as a person and a professional in your field.
4. Motivating working conditions, with the possibility of receiving a higher reward based on the results achieved, the initiative shown and the work done.

1200 - 2150 €/month. before taxes.

Intern(s) for Moon/Cosmetics marketing department

Nature of practice:
1. Create social media content.
2. You will take care of texts and visuals for Facebook / Instagram and (or) Google campaigns.
3. You will implement converting newsletter campaigns.
4. You will plan and implement influencer campaigns.

We offer:
1. A colleague who will train you and help you familiarize yourself with all company processes.
2. A friendly team that is always ready to help.
3. To acquire practical skills in the field of digital marketing, growing a unique brand.
4. The possibility to get a job after successfully completing the internship in the role of a marketing specialist.
5. Flexible work schedule.

What are our expectations for you?
1. Strong desire to learn
2. Creativity
3. Diligence and attention to detail
4. The desire to become a professional in this field
5. The possibility to devote about 20 hours/week to practice.
6. Experience in the field of marketing (advantage)

If you think that creating interesting, engaging content is your strong point, we will be looking forward to your CV and cover letter by e-mail. by mail: