Kodėl mūsų oda sensta?

Why does our skin age?

Daily, the skin confronts various external environmental factors, such as air pollution, harsh cosmetic products, stress, and exposure to UV and infrared rays. Visible and invisible consequences like inflammation, burns, water retention, and premature aging can result from disrupting the skin's balance and function. Dryness, loss of elasticity and texture, thinning, impaired protective barrier function, pigmentation spots, and eventually wrinkles are all indicators of skin aging.

For a considerable time, cosmetic formulators, dermatologists, and scientists, who are leading players in the beauty industry, have been researching products that can effectively fight aging. Various cosmetic products exist to resolve issues like skin sagging, drying, and pigmentation while diminishing wrinkles and restoring skin firmness. The top anti-aging products prevent aging signs and protect the skin from environmental factors. It's crucial to understand that these products cannot perform wonders.

Premature skin aging caused by sun damage, stress, pollution and smoking can go unnoticed and prevent people from taking action to prevent further damage. UVB protection sunscreen is a crucial preventive measure to combat premature aging. Our team advises the use of SPF products even in winter to prevent skin damage. Since the skin's natural defense mechanisms have not kept up with modern lifestyles, applying products with antioxidant properties is critical to include in our skincare routine.